Lady Gaga shared her thoughts on her upcoming collaboration with BLACKPINK for her song “Sour Candy”.

In an interview with Japanese media outlet TV Groove, Lady Gaga shared how the collaboration started, what she thinks of the collaboration itself, and gave endless praise to BLACKPINK.

I called BLACKPINK and asked if they wanted to work on the song with me, and they were enthusiastic and delighted to. I wanted to support powerful women like BLACKPINK, and they felt the same way.

We had a great time making “Sour Candy” together. I was excited to hear them interpret the song in Korean, and I let them know that their part was very creative and pleasant.

I was amazed hearing their songs. They are beautiful young women and very talented. I am proud to become the 5th member of BLACKPINK with this song.

— Lady Gaga

BLACKPINK participated as a featuring artists for the song “Sour Candy” on Lady Gaga’s upcoming album Chromatic. The album will be released on May 29.