Lai Guan Lin has given his fans even more ways to stay updated on his latest activities!

On February 15, Cube Entertainment announced that Lai Guan Lin had launched several new social media channels, in addition to opening his own fan cafe.

In addition to joining Twitter and Facebook, Lai Guan Lin kicked off his new Naver V Live channel by sharing a special video clip addressed to his fans.

In the video, the idol announces happily, “Hello, everyone! This is Lai Guan Lin. Finally, my V Live channel is open! I will be showing you a lot of different things through my V Live channel from now on, and I hope that you’ll stay tuned for the many sides [of Lai Guan Lin] that I’ll be showing.

“I’ll do my best to spend a lot of time together with my fans, so please show me a lot of love as well. Let’s be sure to meet [again]. Bye!”

Lai Guan Lin’s new official Twitter account also welcomed fans in its first post, writing, “Lai Guan Lin’s official Twitter account is now open. We ask that the fans show a lot of love and interest.”

The singer previously launched his own Instagram account last month, and he has since racked up an impressive total of over 1.5 million followers.

Check out the list of Lai Guan Lin’s new official social media accounts below!