“hi,my name is Kiseop finally I made a Twitter account!!! Hooray~~~! ^^ Follow me! hehehe”
 This was posted about an hour ago by U-KISS member Kiseop and he has no less than 6,015 followers which is growing steadily by the minute.
Kiseop also has @alexander_0729 and @Kevinwoo91 promoting his arrival to the Twitter scene with posts such as:
Alexander L. Eusebio


Finally KISEOP @ made his Twitter account!! (/^o^)/ Follow him~! Now all 7 members of U-KISS are ready to ROCK the TWITTER World!!!”

Kevin Woo


Everybody~! This is Kiseop’s new Twitter! @ He finally made a Twitter account! ^^ CONGRATS~Now all U-Kiss members are doing Twitter”
Within that short hour of Kiseop’s account opening, the two members with long time Twitter acconts posted: Kevin Woo


Let’s all !!! Let’s make this a trending topic!! Kiss ME FIGHTING~ We can do it! haha”
Alexander L. Eusebio


Finally U-KISS 7 COMPLETE in TWITTER World~! So happy~ ㅠvㅠ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ ♥”