Lee Joon Gi has won the hearts of his latest co-stars!

Earlier this week, his new tvN drama “Lawless Lawyer” held a press conference with the cast and crew. Director Kim Jin Min, whom Lee Joon Gi had previously worked with on “Time Between Dog and Wolf,” said, “We’ve reunited after 11 years, but his passion and attitude are unchanged. If anything’s changed, it’s that he’s become more flexible and able to bring out his own personality as well as listen to others. He’s become a huge star, but on set he takes care of the people around him. Seeing that, I could understand why his career has been so successful.”

Lee Hye Young, who is playing the judge Cha Moon Sook, said, “I was surprised by Lee Joon Gi. He’s such a gentleman and a good actor too.” Seo Ye Ji, who plays the female lead Ha Jae Yi, said, “I get a lot of energy from him. He’s refreshing to interact with and it’s great.”

Choi Min Soo, who plays Ahn Oh Joo, said, “I think he prepares to the extreme. It seems like he doesn’t eat or sleep.” He continued, “Actors do more than just look at the script. You have to consider who the other actors are, meet them in advance to get a sense of their disposition, and find out what kind of person they are. Lee Joon Gi does all that. Even if he’s not in any of the scenes, he’ll come to set secretly to watch.”

“Lawless Lawyer” premieres on May 12 at 9 p.m. KST. Check out the trailer on Viki below!

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