LED Apple lead vocal, I-OH, just announced on twitter (7pm KST, Feb 1st, 2011) that he official quit the band due to Tuberculosis and inability to work. 

He urged his fans to cheer on the new member, as he also would. He also stated that he is leaving the band, and not the company. There is no news on whether he will continue to “work” in the entertainment industry.

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I’m really sad to hear this, because he is actually my favorite from LED Apple, and LED Apple is one of my favorite bands of all times! They have their unique sound and style that I haven’t found anywhere in k-pop. I can’t believe the last time I saw I-OH, was the last time I ever get to see I-OH ever again.


Let’s all wish him good health and cheer him on wherever we are.



LED Apple with I-OH…


He probably wants a lot of love and fan support right now, so if you may, leave him a nice message of encouragement and cheer him on! Let him know that he’s not fighting this disease alone! (link below).


Source: I-OH’s twitter