LED Apple has participated in the “Haeundae Lovers” OST and will also be making a cameo appearance.

On August 8, Startory Entertainment announced that one of the newer LED Apple members, Han Byul, has sang “Smile Again” for the “Haeundae Lovers” OST. This is the first OST participation the group has seen since their debut. “Smile Again” is produced by the hit composer, Pyo Geon Su and Han Byul’s voice deemed to be a perfect fit for the style of the song. “Smile Again” is a upbeat and energetic summer song that conjures up images of surfing boys and tanning girls on the beach.

LED Apple not only sang for the drama OST but will be making a cameo appearance as well. They stated, “We never imagined we would participate in the OST as well as make a cameo. We gave it our all when filming so we wouldn’t be a burden. We will keep on showing you good things so please watch over us.”

“Haeundae Lovers” cast member Nam Gyu Ri also sang for the OST.

Take a listen to “Smile Again” below: