Rookie band LED Apple burst onto MBC’s “Show! Music Center” stage on November 19 with their title song “Someone Met By Chance,” pulling off an entertaining and powerful performance with their blend of pop and rock.

Garbed in military fashion, all six members showcased their visuals and heights on stage that altogether molded with the alluring charisma of the song. Allegedly equaling an average of 180 centimeters in height, the members of LED Apple pulled off the high task of completing their rookie stage performance flawlessly.

In particular, the band’s two main vocals, Kyu Min and Han Byul were noted for their solid vocals throughout their song and strong rapping skills which blended well with one another while Kwang Yeon (base) , Young Joon (guitar) , Hyo Suk (drum), and Kun Woo (disc jockey, guitar), were critical in pulling off an energetic and colorful performance with their usage of digital instruments, such as the touch-pad guitar.

Netizens have remarked that “LED Apple’s performance was full of energy and seems to be perfect,” “The performance was flawless and so were the vocals,” and “I couldn’t take my eyes off of them until the very end.”

Meanwhile LED Apple released their new album on November 14 and have continued to promote their songs in strong fashion.