Lee Bo Young has transformed into a cold teacher in new stills for tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Mother.”

“Mother” is set to begin airing in January and is a heart-breaking story of love and family between a teacher and an eight-year-old girl who was abandoned by her mother. Based on the well-made Japanese drama of the same name that won four awards at the Tokyo Drama Awards, “Mother” is set to start 2018 on a high for tvN.

Lee Bo Young will be playing Soo Jin, a researcher in ornithology in her thirties who decides to become a mother for a child who carries a lot of pain inside. Soo Jin ends up working as a temporary science teacher at an elementary school and meets Hye Na (played by Heo Yool), who ends up burrowing her way into Soo Jin’s heart.

The stills show Lee Bo Young focusing on her class material with a hardened gaze in her eyes. The cold aura that she gives off with her neat outfit and crossed arms is different from the image many people have of warm and caring elementary school teachers. Lee Bo Young’s character still feels awkward around children and the lack of expression on her face reflects the tension in the classroom. It will be interesting to learn how she went from being in a research lab to teaching children at a school.

Though Lee Bo Young maintained her cold demeanor when cameras were rolling, as soon as each scene was over, she’d burst into laughter with the kids sitting around her. The production staff stated, “Lee Bo Young’s character seems like a cold woman on the outside, but the warmth she’s been holding in her heart begins to surface when she starts connecting with Hye Na. Lee Bo Young has been perfectly portraying Soo Jin, right down to the smallest of details. We hope viewers will stay tuned to watch her transformation in the drama.”

“Mother” will be the follow-up drama to “Prison Playbok” and is scheduled to begin airing in January 2018.

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