, who recently filmed a new advertisement a mere 100 days after giving birth to her first child, made an appearance on the October 7 episode of “One Night of TV Entertainment.”

On this episode, a viewer asked her, “My fiancé has not proposed to me properly yet. Should I continue with the wedding preparations?”

Lee Bo Young coolly responded, “If you’ve decided on a date, doesn’t that mean he wants [to marry you]?” She continued, “You should first hint to him that you want a proper proposal, and if he still doesn’t do it, you should just tell him that you want a romantic proposal before the wedding.”


She revealed, “Actually, I was the one who first said that we should get married, and I was the one who pushed ahead with setting the wedding date.”

When asked what kind of mother she’d like to be, she said, “I want to be the kind of mom that children rely on for good solutions to problems.”

Lee Bo Yong has been married to actor since 2013, and she gave birth to a daughter this past June.

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