Actress Lee Bo Young has shared her thoughts on the “Me Too” movement currently sweeping South Korea.

In an interview on March 15, Lee Bo Young expressed her strong support for the victims who have come forward with their stories of sexual violence and harassment. She remarked, “I actively support the ‘Me Too’ movement. I think it’s a story that needed to come to light at some point.”

“If these stories had come out around five years ago, they probably wouldn’t have received this much sympathy,” she continued. “But I think this movement was able to become active because of recent changes to society. I think it was hard to talk about these things in the past because of the idea that the victims were also somehow at fault.”

Lee Bo Young concluded, “It was a wound that was bound to fester and burst eventually, and I think it’s in the process of being tidied up right now.”

The actress also shared her concerns about how the movement reflected on the entertainment industry. “Since the ‘Me Too’ movement began, many of the people exposed have been celebrities, so there has been a lot of talk [about the industry],” she said. “But even though there are many people like that [in the industry], there are also many good people as well. Part of me finds it upsetting that people might see that and think, ‘The entertainment industry’s always been like that.’ I think it’s a problem that not only the entertainment industry but all of society needs to be careful about.”

She added, “There are also a lot of good people in the entertainment industry, and that’s why I’m able to continue working.”

Lee Bo Young recently starred in the tvN drama “Mother,” which aired its finale on March 15.

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