Taewon Entertainment, the production house responsible for dramas like “Iris,” “Athena: Goddess of War,” and “Triangle,” will be producing a new drama called “Man With Two Faces.”

The drama will tell the story of a loving father who is also a merciless gangster named Tae Soo. He will run into conflict with his rival Ki Bum, who is the son of the mob boss. Their wives will also be competing with each other in their own league.

The children of the two gangster families will be a modern-day “Romeo and Juliet” couple, as they develop feelings for each other despite their parents’ rivalry.

Currently, Lee Bum Soo, Jung Joon Ho, Shin Hyun Joon, Infinite‘s L, and Yoo Sun are in consideration for the drama. The casting will be finalized soon, and the drama will go into production right after. A premiere date has yet to be set.

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