On August 27, SBS’sGood Morning” reported that Korea’s newest celebrity couple Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung broke up six years ago. According to the report, the two actors briefly dated six years ago and broke up soon after. While they had mutual feelings for each other, their respective schedules made it difficult for them to continue their relationship. At the time, Lee Min Jung was a rookie artist, while Lee Byung Heon was one of the most popular and busiest actors in the industry. They ran into each other at public events and maintained their sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior) relationship until this year.

Additionally, Lee Byung Heon’s neighbor revealed, “Lee Min Jung has been coming over to Lee Byung Heon’s house since April. We saw her once a week. His mother said that Lee Min Jung is very calm and collected.”

Meanwhile, Lee Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung announced their relationship on August 19.