Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung‘s wedding rumor surfaced but both parties denied the rumor. Recently, a rather detailed rumor about Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung’s November wedding and the soon-to-be newlyweds preparation processes spread out. Since Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung’s alleged relationship was reported back in April, the news about the two superstar’s wedding spread like wildfire among SNS users.

However, Lee Byung Heon’s agency quickly denied the rumor. They announced, “This is not true at all. Lee Byung Heon is busy in November, filming ‘Red 2.’ How could he be preparing for a wedding and when he is so busy with filming schedules?” Lee Min Jung and her representative also released a quick response to the wedding rumor. Lee Min Jung’s representative said, “She stopped by a Hanbok store for filming of ‘Big.’ There was a scene where she wears Hanbok in her imagination. She is not getting married.”

In April, a entertainment news article revealed that Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung are reported to be a couple and Lee Min Jung had been invited to Lee Byung Heon’s house to be introduced to his family. Both parties denied such allegations immediately and stated that they only know each other as colleagues and are not a couple.