Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki will be the first Asian actors to leave their hand print at the Hollywood Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. On June 23-24 Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki will join the “Look East Festival” and leave their handprint at the “Walk of Fame.”

Out of the 85 year history of the “Walk of Fame” it will be the first time that Asian actors leave their hand print. The “Look East Festival” will have Pierre Rissient, Clint Eastwood, Quentin Tarantino, and Oliver Stone as guests.

A representative of the “Look East Festival” stated, “Lee Byung Hun has been recognized worldwide for his roles in ‘The Good, the bad, the weird,’ ‘G.I. Joe,’ and ‘A Bittersweet Life.’” Ahn Sung Ki will be part of the event for his influence on the Korean film industry and also the respect he has as a Korean actor.