9/23/09 — Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Seung Woo, Kim So Yun and T.O.P  (이병헌, 김태희, 정준호, 김승우, 김소연) will lead the 20-episode Wednesday-Thursday drama “IRIS (아이리스)” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 10/14, following the final episode of “Lady, Please”.

Lee Byung Hun plays the role Kim Hyun Joon (김현준) working as a special secret agent for the National Security Agency (국가안전국).

Kim Tae Hee plays the role Choi Seung Hee (최승희).   Having extensive knowledge and excellent judgments, Seung Hee is the best terrorist profiler working as a team leader for the National Security Agency.  Her beautiful appearance and bold personality attract her colleagues Hyun Joon and Sa Woo.  Seung Hee falls in love with Hyun Joon at the moment of crisis when Hyun Joon’s and her lives are at stake.

Jung Joon Ho plays the role Jin Sa Woo (진사우) who is an elite agent working for the National Security Agency.  He has always been reliably and precisely performing his assignments.  He falls in love with Seung Hee at first sight, and then he confronts his love rival Hyun Joon although Hyun Joon is his good friend.  Sa Woo and Hyun Joon maintain intensive relationships until the last minute of the drama.  So far, JJH has filmed lots of intense action scenes such as car chasing and combating with weapons.

Kim Seung Woo plays the role Park Chul Young (박철영) who is the former Chief of Security for Kim Jung Il and works for the National Defense Committee (국방위원회).  He once studied in Europe and is fluent in 5 languages as well as has deep knowledge of music and fashion.  He and Hyun Joon become both comrades and rivals when they work on removing the danger of war on Korean Peninsula.

Kim So Yun plays the role Kim Sun Hwa (김선화) who is a North Korean secret agent and is always executing orders from Park Chul Young.  During the course of chasing Hyun Joon, she is influenced by him and finally decides to give up her loyalty to North Korea.  In order to perform well in action scenes, KSY has been exercising to tone up her muscles.  Nonetheless, she injured while filming an action scene and had 12 stitches on her leg.

Singer T.O.P (탑), one of the members of the music group Big Bang (빅뱅), plays the role Vic (빅) who is a cold-hearted killer belonged to the secret organization “IRIS”.  Armed with the most advanced weapons and 100% shooting accuracy, he constantly chases Hyun Joon to execute the assassination order to get rid of Hyun Joon.

Japanese actress Yoo Min (유민) plays the role Sato Eriko (사토 에리코) who works for the information interrogation office of the Japanese branch.  Yoo Min once collaborated with the script writer Choi Wan Kyoo and Lee Byung Hun in the drama “All In”.

On 3/9, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim So Yun filmed at Akita (아키타, 秋田), Japan.  Then, on the same location, Jung Joon Ho filmed 0n 3/16, T.O.P filmed on 3/19, and Kim Seung Woo filmed on 3/23.

Lee Byung Hun


Kim Tae Hee

Jung Joon Ho

Kim Seung Woo

Kim So Yun


Yoo Min