Once again showing that even top stars aren’t immune from the stresses of day to day life, up-and-coming Hollywood star and soon-to-be husband Lee Byung Hun has revealed that he too suffers from Panic disorder.

In a recently aired edition of SBS’s Documentary program, dealing with Lee Byung Hun, called “SBS Special –  – The Old Rookie Lee Byung Hun and Hollywood,” Lee Byung Hun talked about his acting life and his successful push into Hollywood. During the episode Lee Byung Hun revealed that his stressful working life eventually resulted in him suffering from panic disorders eventually resulting in an incident during a radio program.

The incident occurred early this July during a live airing of SBS Radio Power FM’s popular radio show “2PM Escape – Cultwo Show.” During that session it was clear that Lee Byung Hun was anxious about something and looked uneasy through out the session. Eventually he was seen going underneath the table to try and ease his panic attacks. Lee Byung Hun reveals that during that day he believed that “It could eventually result in a broadcasting accident. It could have eventually led to me collapsing or apologising and leaving because i couldn’t endure it any longer.”

He continues on by saying “Several things come to mind during times like that. My mind and the symptoms felt throughout my body are constantly at ends. My mind and body clash with each other with the former telling me that if i’m going to work then i need to do it properly and the latter telling me to stop and rest.” He also reveals that he keeps his medicine constantly at the ready for 24 hours a day.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a celebrity has confessed to suffering from panic attacks with celebrities such as Shinhwa’s Jun Jin, Kim Jang Hoon, MC Lee Kyung Kyu, Cha Tae Hyun revealing that they too suffer from sudden panic attacks. We hope that all of them overcome their issues and continue to provide everyone with enjoyment for many more years to come.