Actor Lee Byung Hun (age 42) will represent Hyundai with his charming, low voice.

His agency, BH Entertainment, stated on March 28, “Lee Byung Hun has been chosen as the voice of Hyundai. Hyundai will be starting a brand campaign called, ‘Live Brilliant,’ which is the first campaign to be broadcast all over the world at the same time. Lee Byung Hun will be providing the narration for this advertisement.”

Lee Byung Hun is famous for his low and solid voice. His voice will be used to portray the various life milestones that can be experienced with a Hyundai vehicle such as, a journey to self-discovery, the rush of falling in love, the assurance of friendship, the encounters with family, re-birth and so on. The advertisements will have four parts of 30 and 60 second lengths and will air on TV starting from March 30.

As a top Asian star and now a well-known Hollywood star, Lee Byung Hun will have the responsibility to spread the brand image of Hyundai all around the world. In order to strengthen this message, Hyundai will also be releasing both print and digital advertisements all around the world, starting in April.

These print and digital advertisements will be seen on CNN, The Economist, Monocle, FaceBook, YouTube and other social media outlets.

Sources from Hyundai say, “Because we want to create a brand image for Hyundai as a car that shares each life milestone, we thought Lee Byung Hun would be a perfect candidate to represent us since he is acknowledged as a top Asian star as well as a Hollywood actor. We believe that his voice will strengthen the impact of our campaign.”

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun is currently busy filming for his first historical movie, “I Am The King Of Chosun.”