On August 28, Lee Chun Hee shared a photo of his home on his Me2Day. He commented on the picture, “After taping all the windows for my two scared whiny ladies who are afraid of this unexpected typhoon, we got together at the shelter in the living room.” The revealed photo shows Lee Chun Hee’s living room with numerous light bulbs hanging from the ceiling giving off ambient glow.

In the middle of the living room is a family-size camping tent. One can easily spot Lee Chun Hee’s wife, actress Jeon Hye Jin, lying down inside the tent with their adorable toddler daughter standing next to her. Lee Chun Hee is known as one of the biggest outdoor camping mania in the entertainment industry. With ambient lighting and a full-sized tent, he created a real camping experience for his family in the midst of a big typhoon.

Netizens commented on the photo, “He really loves and cares about his wife and daughter,” “Look how big your baby girl got!” “Lee Chun Hee’s home is looks very warm and exotic,” and “I love the lighting. Look at those lightbulbs!”