Lee Chung Ah‘s agency King Kong Entertainment released a statement on March 23 saying that Lee Chung Ah was picked to host the upcoming tvN variety show “Cats and Dogs.” “Cats and Dogs” is a new type of pet variety show. The show informs its viewers about companion animals and encourages a more mature pet culture amongst people. The show will present various stories about companionship between humans and animals. 

Previously in 2010, Lee Chung Ah had her variety show debut on MBC “Fox‘s Butler.” Many fans and viewers as well as show-biz industry officials highly valued her lively character and unexpected variety show skills. Viewers are already anticipating how these characteristics of Lee Chung Ah will be portrayed through “Cats and Dogs” in her experiences with animals. 

Producer Lee Gil Soo of “Cats and Dogs” commented, “Lee Chung Ah loves and is very interested in animals. She’s also very easygoing and relatable to many cat-and-dog-lovers. I think such characteristics will allow her to naturally lead conversations about animal companionship.”

Lee Chung Ah stated, “I’ve always wanted to try emceeing a radio or television program. I’m really excited to have such a great opportunity. I’m going to try my best in hosting ‘Cats and Dogs.’ I hope viewers will enjoy the show as much as I will.”  

“Cats and Dogs” will air on April 8 at 10:50am KST.