Actress Lee Da Hae, the female lead of “Miss Ripley” wowed everyone as she looked like a gorgeous “goddess” in an elegant wedding dress. On the 11th episode of “Miss Ripley,” which will be aired tonight, Lee Da Hae will appear in a beautiful white mini dress. 

The actress radiated her elegance and pure beauty with a classic updo and gorgeous white mini wedding dress while showing off her glowing milky white skin tone.

Lee Da Hae’s wedding dress scene was shot on June 29th at a wedding shop in Cheong Dam. The actress and the designer put their heads together to come up with the perfect wedding dress that suits Lee Da Hae’s character Jang Mi Ri in “Miss Ripley.” They choose two designs—a cute yet elegant white mini dress and a fascinating champagne color long dress.

Lee Da Hae shared her thoughts about wearing the wedding dresses: “This is my second time wearing a wedding dress since the drama “Bulhandang.” I think this applies to all women, but my heart flutters every time I wear a wedding dress. In the drama, Jang Mi Ri’s heart keeps wavering due to Song Yoo Hyun’s (Park Yoo Chun) sincere love. I think even a woman like Jang Mi Ri who lived a rough and grueling life would feel so happy if she wore a beautiful wedding dress in front of a man she loves.”