Lee Dong Gook received a sweet surprise for his birthday on KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman.”

On the May 13 episode, Jae Ah, Jae Si, Seol Ah, Soo Ah, and Si An planned a surprise birthday party for their dad.

The five siblings went to their home in Jeonju and asked the cameramen to install cameras all around the house and apartment complex.

At that time, Lee Dong Gook headed home after a soccer match. When he entered the apartment, he saw a note that read, “Please come downstairs to the first floor.” Confused, he headed back out and got on the elevator.

On the way down, every time the doors opened onto a different floor, his children surprised him wearing T-shirts with messages on them. Jae Ah’s And Jae Si’s shirts said, “It was hard raising five kids, wasn’t it?” while Seol Ah’s and Soo Ah’s read, “We will be five times more filial.”

Si An was the last one to surprise him as he shouted, “I love you dad” before running into his him. His T-shirt hilariously asked, “About when will [I get] a younger sibling?”

Visibly moved by his children’s thoughtfulness, Lee Dong Gook said, “Why are you guys so touching?” The six of them then headed outside where the children pointed at their apartment window on the fifth floor. When Lee Dong Gook looked up, he was surprised with post-its that spelled out, “Dad, we love you.”

They commented, “Dad, you have to cry,” and headed back inside. The five children brought out a cake with a soccer ball on it, and sang their dad “Happy Birthday.”

Lee Dong Gook asked his children, “Will you always be near your dad’s side?” and blew out the candles. They also gave him thoughtful gifts including sweet handwritten letters, handmade coupons for a massage, and one to make him laugh. His children dressed up in hilarious wigs and succeeded in making their dad laugh on this memorable day.

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