In a recent pictorial and interview for The Star Magazine, actor Lee Dong Hwi talked about his ultimate life goal and the reason that he wants to take some time off from acting.

Lee Dong Hwi, who will be appearing on the cover of The Star’s January 2018 issue, shared that he wants to take time to rest and wait for an acting role that he finds truly memorable.

He explained, “It’s partly because the last two years have been hectic, with many people seeking me out. But it’s more that I’m waiting for the right role. I want to return to my initial mindset [as an actor] and calmly take a look around.”

Lee Dong Hwi also displayed remarkable humility during the interview, insisting, “I have never once thought of myself as good-looking. It’s to the point where I find it embarrassing to even bring up the word ‘good-looking’ in reference to myself. There are too many good-looking guys around me.”

Although the actor wants to take a short break from his career, he mentioned that he is still open to taking on new roles in 2018.

“I’m always looking to be a part of a great film or drama,” said Lee Dong Hwi. “My life goal is to play a role that will remain in people’s hearts.”

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