Last week, we reported that Lee Dong Wook was one of the candidates for the MC position on SBS’sStrong Heart,” following Lee Seung Gi’s departure. It’s finally been announced that Lee Dong Wook accepted the role. A representative of King Kong Entertainment confirmed, “It’s true that Lee Dong Wook accepted the position on ‘Strong Heart.’ We are currently finalizing the deal. He will attend the recording today at 2PM to observe.” Today’s recording marks Lee Seung Gi’s last show as the MC of “Strong Heart.” Lee Seung Gi partnered up with Kang Ho Dong to co-host the show in 2009. After Kang Ho Dong announced his retirement from the entertainment industry last October, Lee Seung Gi took over the reigns and entertained both viewers and guests as the sole MC.

Producers of “Strong Heart” revealed their intention of returning to the double MC format. However, they have yet to release any information about Lee Dong Wook’s partner. Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi’s last show will be a YG Special, featuring the artists of YG Entertainment.  

However, netizens could not hide their skepticism in the producers’ decision to cast Lee Dong Wook. Netizens commented, “Actor Lee Dong Wook? That’s unexpected,” “I’ve never seen Lee Dong Wook’s funny side…I’m not sure if he can pull it off,” “I’m skeptical. He’s a great actor, a handsome one, but I’m not sure if MCing is his thing,” “I’ll give him a shot, but I have my doubts,” and more.