It has been reported that actor Lee Dong Wook is one of the newest candidate for the MC position on the hit celebrity talk show “Strong Heart.”

According to an SBS representative on March 10, Lee Dong Wook is in the talks for “Strong Heart’s” MC position. “Strong Heart” is looking for two MCs to host the talk show after Lee Seung Gi’s leave.

A broadcast representative state, “Lee Dong Wook is a strong candidate, and we are currently in the process of discussing Lee’s potential casting.” He also added, “Lee’s casting has not been finalized yet, and we will be meeting up with his representatives in the near future to discuss details and opinions.”

One of Lee’s representatives at King Kong Entertainment stated similarly, “It is true that Lee Dong Wook has been offered a position as the new ‘Strong Heart’ MC.  The casting is not definite as of now, and we are currently reviewing the details.”

Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi originally hosted “Strong Heart” together until this past September when Kang Ho Dong stepped down and declared a temporary retirement. Since then, Lee Seung Gi was the solo MC until he announced that he too would be stepping down. Lee will be recording his last episode on March 15.

As a result, the show is in the process of making a few changes, including finding two new MCs. Viewers have been expressing their anticipation for the show because it is expected that there will be exciting new changes.

Also, because Lee Dong Wook is already a Hallyu star, his potential addition to the show would further increase the value of “Strong Heart” in its role as a Hallyu content. As of now, there have been no details regarding the second MC candidate.

Lee Seung Gi’s last episode featuring YG artists is scheduled to air until April 4.