Current MC of SBS variety talk show “Strong Heart,Lee Dong Wook recently spoke about an awkward situation he ran into with his parents while watching an intimate bedroom scene he had filmed with actress Oh Yeon Soo

The topic came up when one of the star guests, Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls spoke about her first bed scene viewing experience for her music video “Bloom, when her mother was aghast and rendered speechless. The emcees then opened it up to the rest of the celebrity guests to share about any bedroom scene experiences they’ve had.

MC Lee Dong Wook chose to share about an awkward moment where he had to watch his own bed scene from the drama “Sweet Life” with his parents. “Usually my father asks me many questions about the love scenes I have filmed in the past, but during this one he was gravely quiet. My mother just got up and called a friend. Turns out she made plans and left the house abruptly,” he shared.