On June 24 a broadcast representative revealed to TV Report, “Lee Gook Joo has recently been diagnosed with otolithiasis. Even though it brings upon extreme dizziness, she is continuing to work her busy schedule.”

Otolithiasis occurs when an otolith, a structure in the inner ear, breaks away from where it should be located. When these pieces irritate surrounding skin cells, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and other symptoms occur. This condition can be treated by surgery or through resting for an appropriate amount of time.

Unfortunately, Lee Gook Joo is very busy with many responsibilities. Every week she participates in recordings for SBS’s “Star King,” tvN’s “Comedy Big League,” Beauty Station’s “Uhnni’s Hot Choice,” records for her radio DJ program every day, and other schedules.

A representative from her agency commented, “[She] started to feel sick after last Monday’s ‘Star King’ recording. Afterwards, [she] went to a hospital and got diagnosed with otolithiasis. She cannot rest a lot because of her busy schedule, but thankfully she has gotten a lot better.”

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