Sleepy and Lee Guk Joo‘s ferris wheel date has taken an unexpected turn!

The April 22 broadcast of “We Got Married” showed Lee Guk Joo and Sleepy on their trip to Japan together.

During the show, the couple visited a theme park to start off their romantic day. However, after riding a roller coaster, Sleepy became exhausted and suggested riding the ferris wheel to take a breather.

Lee Guk Joo was looking forward to having a romantic time during this ride, but Sleepy became nervous due to his fear of heights, and her hopes unfortunately vanished.

As soon as the ferris wheel moved, Sleepy tightly closed his eyes and said, “I don’t think this was a good idea.” Seeing Sleepy act like this, Lee Guk Joo looked pretty disappointed that her date turned out this way.

You can watch the latest episode of “We Got Married” below!

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