Since Heo Ga Yoon’s debut back in 2009, the singer has constantly heard that she resembled comedian Lee Gyung Shil. Now, the two ladies have appeared side by side as guests on KBS2TV’s “Happy Sunday 3,” and we can’t help but also notice how similar they look.

On January 30, “Happy Together 3” featured guests who looked alike, and 4Minute’s Heo Ga Yoon’s uncanny resemblance with Lee Gyung Shil was highlighted through the singer’s old photos.

When the MCs showed Heo Ga Yoon’s old photos where the singer weighed more than her current look, the singer said, “That’s the photo that I hate the most.” The photo showed Heo Ga Yoon during her “Hot Issues” days, with her hair pulled back, and wearing thick makeup. With the singer’s past photo placed next to comedian Lee Gyung Shil’s photo, it was apparent that the two could pull off the mother and daughter look.

Happy Together

When asked why she agreed to guest on “Happy Together 3,” the singer said, “Usually my agency doesn’t talk to me about where I am scheduled to appear. However, this time since it was a ‘Lookalike Special,’ they carefully talked to me about it.” Although the singer was okay about being compared to the comedian, it seemed agency was careful and sensitive about the subject.

Despite the two looking alike, Lee Gyung Shil and Heo Ga Yoon are both beautiful and talented ladies.