For the March 11 live broadcast of SBS “K-Pop Star” the two rivals Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi were at it once again! The mission for this week’s live performances was to perform a classic song by a singer that sold more than a million records.

Park Ji Min chose to sing “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. Another contestant Michelle Lee who was a member of “Su Pearls” with Park Ji Min also sang a Whitney Houston song, “Run to You.” Park Ji Min received the second highest score, 272 for her performance.

Lee Ha Yi chose to sing “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker. Lee Ha Yi stated, “When my idol Beyonce sang this song on stage, she cried. I will try my best to sing the high notes.” (She chose this song because last week, the judge YG asked her why she was afraid of singing high notes.”

At the end of the show it was announced that Lee Ha Yi beat Park Ji Min for first place. The contestant Baek Ah Yeon received the highest score of 276 from the judges and Park Ji Min the second highest score.

(The total score for each contestant on SBS “K-Pop Star” is made up of 60% from judge scoring, 30% from text votes, and 10% online polls.) Kim Na Yoon had the lowest score and was dropped from the show.