YG Entertainment released Lee Ha Yi’s third image teaser on October 27.

Lee Ha Yi is the second-place winner of SBS audition program “K-Pop Star.” Her rank may not be on the very top, but her standing indicates how much talented she is as a solo singer. Lee Ha Yi is already possessing many fans. She has never given away the first place on online voting when the program was on air.

YG Entertainment started to reveal Lee Ha Yi’s 1st and 2nd image teasers few days ago. It is interesting that YG Entertainment is releasing image teasers and not video teasers.

In her latest teaser, the singer is wearing a cat ears headband and is blowing a bubble gum. Lee Ha Yi shows off her youthful bright charms in these photos.

Lee Ha Yi’s official solo debut with single “1,2,3,4,” is scheduled for release on October 29.

Her single title counts 1 to 4. Should we expect a 4th image teaser of Lee Ha Yi?