Lee Hong Ki and Fujii Mina filmed the last episode of their married life for “We Got Married Global Edition,” according to Sports World.

Hong Ki

In their house, Hong Ki and Mina made fried chicken for their last meal together because he had been craving chicken for a while.  While Mina prepared the food, Hong Ki went around the house searching for pieces of a puzzle she had prepared, and he was touched by her sincerity in a handwritten letter.

A line of Mina’s letter read, “Even when he wasn’t next to me, I was happy to know I could say, ‘I have a husband.’”

They even visited the cafe where they first met. Hong Ki said in an interview, “I keep thinking that I should have done this differently or that differently. I feel bad because I should have treated her more in a way that she wants to be treated by a guy.”

Mina said, “It’s weird, but I remember everything about that first day so clearly. I’m really glad he does too.”

They finished saying farewell after watching a movie together. At Hong Ki’s last event, Mina broke down in tears.

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