FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki fired back at a netizen who left a rude comment on his Instagram about male idols.

February 20, Lee Hong Ki showed his support for his label mates SF9 and their new song, “Narcissus,” on his Instagram. He said, “#SF9 #NewSong #GoodLuck,” and referenced “SKY Castle” — in which SF9’s Chani starred as Hwang Woo Joo — in an acrostic poem with the Korean song title.

Lee Hong Ki wrote, “Mrs. Kang [Ye Seo’s mother] / [SF9] is different from your everyday group!! / Do you know how Ye Seo is doing right now? / Right now Ye Seo is!!!!!! / In her heart, she already likes and is cheering for the group that Woo Joo is in!!!! You have to wholeheartedly trust SF9.”

On the post, one netizen commented, “Rainbow colored neon hair, gay expressions, acting cute, makeup = male idols today.”

Lee Hong Ki responded in kind and with class, saying, “Private accounts, anonymous accounts, spineless, [full of] complaints = you and other trolls.”

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews