A.N.Jell bandmates of 2009’s hit drama “You’re Beautiful” Lee Hong Ki and Park Shin Hye continue to show their friendship through exchanges of light-hearted and encouraging messages on Twitter. 

“Shin Hye, I’ve kept my promise!” Lee tweeted.  Lee said he had visited the “Heartstrings” filming site and noted, “Everybody was working hard.”  Park had earlier mentioned that Lee promised to visit the set of the drama she is currently starring with yet another A.N.Jell bandmate Jung Yong Hwa.  

“Please be successful,” he added.  Lee made mention of senior staff members he saw on the visit, some of whom he had worked with in previous dramas, including “You’re Beautiful.”

“Sparkling Hongstar visited despite the late hour.  Thank you!” Park wrote, uploading a photo of a snack. She added that she was sad the meeting was brief and is touched with the gesture of friendship.  She also issued an invitation to go bowling after she wraps the drama and indicated that she will return the favour by going to Lee’s band FT Island concerts. 

“Heartstrings” has met with challenges throughout its intended 16-episode run.  It was recently announced that the drama will end at 15 episodes, following production adjustments.  Despite trailing in the domestic ratings game however, the drama has won support from international fans and its broadcast rights have been pre-sold to eight countries before premiere.

“Heartstrings” airs its 12th and 13th episodes this week.  It is broadcast on MBC, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9:55 PM KST.

via Park Shin Hye’s and Lee Hong Ki’s Twitter accounts