F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki is famous for his hilarious and trolling nature, and he proved it to be true once more, this time, with EXO‘s D.O.


Hongki recently shared a photo of himself alongside D.O. accompanied by the caption,

I hope everything settles down and we all become happy! Have strength! Let’s do this!

– Hongki


But one fan shifted the focus and asked Hongki a question that many others were probably wondering.


In a sincere tone, the fan asked,

Oppa, I’m actually curious… Why are you staring at Mr. Do Kyungsoo in such a sentimental way??

– Fan


And as expected from the troll himself, Hongki provided a very direct answer.

Kyungsoo is my girlfriend.

– Hongki


Lee Hongki, D.O., and Xiumin recently took leading roles in the military musical, Return, and they were putting Korean flag badges on each other during a rehearsal when the photos were taken.


After finding out the “true” story behind the photos, other fans are responding with comments such as “I hope you two live a happy life“, “Wow, you have a girlfriend now?” and “When did this start?