The 2020 MBC Entertainment Awards was broadcasted on December 29 and one thing from the award show still has people talking.

Lee Hyori created a lot of buzz during and after the awards for two reasons, winning an award for “Best Music and Talk Female” and for her self-made blanket dress! That’s right, we said blanket dress.

Image from iOS

Due to COVID-19, Lee Hyori was not able to attend the award and accepted the award from her home through a video message.

The video started out with Lee Hyori walking in through a closed door while singing celebratory music. At first glance, it’s hard to tell her dress as a blanket as it’s impressively made. Lee Hyori made sure to give herself credit for the fashioned dress in her acceptance speech:

I couldn’t be there in person because of the various circumstances. Because I was sent this award all the way in Jeju, I was waiting to accept my award in this blanket dress I made. My stylist picked out many beautiful dresses for me, but it’s a pity.

— Lee Hyori

Despite her outfit just being a blanket, many of her fans cheered her own and loved her creativity:

lee hyori




Finishing her speech, Lee Hyori promised to meet everyone in a more fashionably ready state:

When a better day comes, I will greet you all with an even more pretty, cool, and kind appearance.

— Lee Hyori

No matter what, whether it’s a designer dress or bedsheet, Lee Hyori looks amazing in anything!

Check out Hyori’s acceptance speech and blanket dress below: