The meeting of Korean singer Lee Hyori and France pop singer Jane Birkin has been revealed.

On March 21, Lee Hyori uploaded onto her twitter a photo with the words, “It was a fun interview with the beautiful Jane Birkin. The bazaar coming up will feature Jane Birkin’s most prized possession so please look forward to it.”

Right: Jane Birkin and Lee Hyori smiles brightly at each other. Left: Jane Birkin’s most prized posession. Her wrist watch.

In the photo Lee Hyori and Jane Birkin are posing comfortably with each other. The image of both singers smiling brightly with their arms around each other’s shoulder catches the eyes of its viewers. Especially so since the idea of the two style icons (of their perspective countries) coming together is surprising in itself.

Lee Hyori continued with, “This watch that Jane Birkin wore is her first watch (as written on the band) and is also autographed by Jane Birkin herself and it will be auctioned [at the bazaar]. Isn’t it great?” The text was accompanied by a photo of the wrist watch.

Jane Birkin was born in England but has been active in France as a well-known singer and actress. She is also the inspiration behind the infamous “Birkin bag.”

Jane Birkin is set to perform at the AX-Korea in Kwang Jang Dong this 22nd.  

Lee Hyori holds up Jane Birkin’s watch.