On April 22, Jang Woo Hyuk retweeted CARE (Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth)‘s twitter post, “We will find the driver of ‘Evil Equus‘ and report this individual as well as push forward with the revision of law to limit raising animals for those who are not qualified to do so.” 

He added, “Is this on purpose or did this person really forget about the dog tied to the car’s trunk?” Previously on the same day, Lee Hyori also commented on the ‘Evil Equus’ photo on twitter. She wrote, “I am shamed to be human. I’m so sorry. In your next life, be born as something other than a powerless dog.” 

The “Evil Equus” photo refers to a picture of a car, Equus, driving with a dog hanging by a leash from the trunk of the car, dragging on the ground. The driver explained through a friend, “I put the dog in my trunk because I didn’t want to get my car dirty. I was worried that it might not have enough air in there, so I left the trunk open. But I guess as the car sped up, the dog fell out of the trunk.” However, such explanation was not enough calm the controversy.