An unfounded rumor that Kim Dong Ryul and Hyori were going to get married had spread across the internet. (Kim Dong Ryul is a famous for his voice but also the songs that he writes.) The source of the rumors seems to be the “Korean Financial District Rumors.”

On July 19th, Hyori’s agency stated, “Do you actually believe in such unfounded rumors, the rumor that Hyori and Kim Dong Ryul are getting married is false.

On this day, Hyori also tweeted to Kim Dong Ryul, “Oppa, they say that we are getting married.

Kim Dong Ryul’s agency stated, “It seems like this rumors was spread through the ‘Korean Financial District Rumors,’ but it is not the truth, we hope that the rumor stops spreading.

Hyori and Kim Dong Ryul have had some communication through twitter, but they aren’t lovers, according to third-parties they are just good friends within the K-Pop industry.

Source: Star News