Many people were confused whether Lee Hyori will be marrying or not this September to boyfriend Lee Sang Soon due to mixed reports from the media, but she has officially confirmed recently through her fan cafe.

On July 4, she visited her fan cafe Hyori Together and left a message. “If I go straight to the point, it’s true that I’m getting married. We only agreed that it would be good to get married around September and haven’t told our parents. We haven’t prepared an official meeting with our parents, wedding invitations among other things.”

She continued, “I saw that news reports regarding my marriage went out yesterday and there were a lot of speculative articles and people claiming they’re quoting my close acquaintances. Through that, our parents and close friends found out and it caused a lot of harm.”

She explained, “It is so personal and I wanted to tell everyone with my mouth after uncertain things became finalized, but it’s always been difficult to do so as usual. We needed time to think how we should respond to the news. We wanted to tell our fans in a good way about the news in due time, but I’m sorry to the fans. Since it came out like this, we’ll prepare well and do our best.”

Lee Hyori added, “It seems imposing to say things like we’ll live well after marriage, we’ll have a beautiful marriage, and please give us blessings because everyone else does. We’ll try to live diligently. For the fans who aren’t ready to send me, do you want to drink soju tonight? It’s a relief that my face isn’t on the bottle now. Love you.”

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