Pictures of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon volunteering together at an animal shelter have been released.

On October 23 on the webpage of the Korean Animal Rights Advocates, aka KARA, photos of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon who visited Aeshin Animal Center in Pochun city were posted.

In the pictures are Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon volunteering in comfortable outfits, hats, and masks. They were seen actively helping the workers at the center with the building of the vinyl winter housing for the homeless dogs.

KARA stated, “Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are active volunteers and they promote adaptions of the abandoned animals. We are honored and proud to have the help from these people of good hearts.” Lee Hyori’s close friend An Hye Kyung also volunteered on the same day, and Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon volunteered to become temporary caregivers of the homeless dogs who look just like Hyori’s own rescued dog Soonshim.

On her Twitter after volunteering, Lee Hori stated, “I thought I became a lot tougher, but when I visited the animal shelter, I still couldn’t help but feel sad and awful.”

Meanwhile on October 9, Lee Hyori donated 16,000,000 won (approximately 14500.00USD) to Aeshin Animal Center, which is a large center that houses approximately 800 abandoned animals.