As we reported earlier, there was an “Evil Equus” where a car was driving with a dog hanging by a leash from the truck of the car. Lee Hyori stated that she was “ashamed” to be the same kind of species as somebody who could do something so cruel.

She wrote on her twitter, April 24, “Our agency received a call from the Equus driver who stated that he has been released from any charges and would sue me for libel. I told him that I really hope it was just a mistake, and to sue me if he wanted to.”

She continued on twitter, “Whether that was a mistake or not, I wrote about my sorry feelings as a same kind of human who made another life have to go through so much pain and eventually die. How could I cause libel for somebody whose face or name I don’t even know… If that is a sin, I will accept lawsuits and also punishment.”


The next day on April 25, Lee Hyori apologized via twitter “I apologize for acting so emotionally. I don’t’ even know who the real driver is and I was fighting with somebody else. I still don’t know the identity of the fake caller who said that he would sue me.”

She continued, “I learned that I shouldn’t be so rash or emotional with problems regarding animal rights. I still have a long way to go. I think I learned how little rights animals actually have in South Korea and how much people actually think about animals. We also have a long way to go in that regard, but I will continue to try my best.”

It is being reported that the actual Equus driver was dismissed from the police.