Sexy diva Lee Hyori apologized for her recent “graffiti fashion” following the swarm of criticisms regarding her style. On April 4, she tweeted, “My fashion was a little over the top. I’m sorry. I wanted to stand out. Back in normal clothing! Something that’s comfortable is the best.” 

Earlier that day, Lee Hyori attended the “2012 Spring Seoul Fashion Walk” at the Olympic Park in Seoul. She definitely stood out, making a fashion statement. Dressed in a sheer, lacey white dress, she matched her outfit with a sheer black eggings, black cap, denim jacket, and a colorful clutch. The cameras also caught various Henna tattoos on Hyori’s neck, arms, and hands. However, with tattoos still considered a taboo in Korean society, many netizens expressed their discontentment, and the fashion queen’s bold fashion statement quickly became one of hottest trending topics yesterday.