Lee Hyori opened up about her past April Fools’ day prank on comedians Shin Dong Yup and Park Soo Hong in the most recent episode of KBS2 “Happy Together 3.” She explained, “I texted Shin Dong Yup, my fellow MC from ‘Happy Together,’ and Park Soo Hong, who I was working with on a different show at the time. I told them that I’ve liked them for a while and asked both of them out.”

However, Shin Dong Yup knew instantly that this was only a joke and did not buy it. Meanwhile, Park Soo Hong, who was driving at the time, was caught off guard by Lee Hyori’s unexpected confession and pulled his car over to text her back. Lee Hyori said, “He told me that he was seeing someone at the time and apologized.” Park Soo Hong’s serious response to Lee Hyori’s prank made fellow guest stars on this episode of Happy Together 3 burst into laughter. Some of them, who are also good friends with Park Soo Hong, commented, “He can be dead serious like that sometimes.”

Past MCs of “Happy Together” Shin Dong Yup, Lee Hyori, Tak Jae Hoon, and Eugene appeared in this episode of “Happy Together 3,” celebrating the past 10 years of the show. Together, they revisited past segments of the show like “Tray Karaoke” and “Happy Together Friends.”