Singer Lee Hyori became a columnist for a movie weekly magazine.

On April 13, according to the movie weekly magazine, “CINE21,” Lee Hyori will be writing a column called “From Dystopia,” once every 4 weeks.

The “CINE21,” will newly be publishing new columns such as “1990 Icon Chronicle,” which has a concept of time traveling back to the past, broadcasters strike scene tour expedition, “Taste of Strike,” and “Mental Breakdown, Scream of Broadcaster CEOs.”

The issue 850, which will be published on April 14, celebrates 17th Anniversary and it will give Lee Byung Hun‘s pictorial as a bonus book. It will also contain interviews of actors and actresses who shot same movie in the past, for example, Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae from “City of the Rising Sun,” and Jung Jae Young and Lee Na Young from “Someone Special.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori, who rose to stardom as fashionista, became a whole different kind of a socialtainer from animal rights related activities.