On June 15, Lee Hyori posted on her Facebook about how she is stressed due to all the tourists lurking outside her house.

She wrote:

“Dear Jeju Island tourists, I’m sorry but our house isn’t part of the tourist attractions. [My husband and I] are getting very stressed due to the door bell or security alarm going off countless times from morning till night. I know you may be curious but please be considerate. For your information, our house is hidden from the outside view by a big tree. I will upload many photos so please don’t be upset,” and posted a photo as well.

lee hyori

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori used to have a blog where she posted things about her daily life, but she recently deleted all her posts.

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It seems like the Facebook page that uploaded this was not actually Lee Hyori herself but a fanpage of her. Lee Hyori had uploaded this post on her blog on June 20, 2014, and this fanpage seems to have copied her exact words and re-uploaded it.

Source (1)