A current trend in fashion and beauty is to use icons or symbols from the past, and mix it with the present  to create a new style. One example of this is shown by Lee Hyori, who transformed into fashion icon, Twiggy, to perfection.

Interpretations of the past like this have been done before. The 60s fashion icon, Twiggy, has been particularly used as an inspiration in many photo shoots, fashion, and styling. Lee Hyori recently was in a makeup photo shoot called, “Twiggy Gold Makeup Look,” that paid homage to the 60s fashion icon.

In the picture from the photo shoot, Lee Hyori is pulling off a retro look. She is wearing a vivid blue and yellow dress with large earrings. She really completed the “Twiggy Gold Makeup Look,” however, with the bold eyeliner, exaggerated eyelashes, and the short bob cut.

When netizens saw Lee Hyori’s photo, they wrote, “Lee Hyori looks good as Twiggy,” “This look can be pulled off only because it’s Lee Hyori,” “Whatever she does is extremely stylish. Hyori unni, you’re so cool,” “Whatever style she does it’s perfect. Lee Hyori is the best.”