Lee Hyori has shown off her stunning beauty and body figure in this month’s Elle photo shoot. The pictorial was released on the latest issue of Elle Magazine. Elle Magazine asked the sexy star to model for its 20th year anniversary edition.

During the photo shoot, Lee Hyori wore the 2012 Swarovski Christmas Jewelry Collections in sexy and classy outfits. Her up-front style expressed a sexy queen enjoying a Christmas Party look. Her earrings and necklaces along with the Blue Beret Top dress indeed reminded of the glitter of Chandelier.

The photo of Lee Hyori wrapped in diamond shaped black dress once again made her fans to praise her. Many netizens commented positively on Lee Hyori’s everlasting attractiveness, saying, “This is who Lee Hyori is. She is simply the best!” “I wish I could take her out on a date,” and “She’s absolutely stunning!”