On April 3, Lee Hyori was the emcee at the wedding of her agency’s CEO, Gil Jong Hwa, who was once her manager during her Fin.K.L days. During the ceremony, she said to everyone that she is determined to work harder.

On this day, Ock Joo Hyun began to cry before singing her congratulatory song. She expressed her gratefulness to the groom, who was also her manager for a long time. She remarked, “Don’t care about whether you should have a boy or a girl, just have a lot and live a happy life.” At that moment, Ock Joo Hyun and Lee Hyori began to shed tears. Then Lee Hyori said, “I think I need to work harder. I have to provide for everyone.” Gil Jong Hwa had worked with her for a long time, through all her ups and downs, and Lee Hyori’s witty remark made everyone laugh.

Gil Jong Hwa is currently the CEO of B2M Entertainment. He was once Fin.K.L’s manager, which made him be with them through all their joys and sorrows. That close relationship is still strong today. Lee Hyori, being part of B2M Entertainment, gets to work with Gil Jong Hwa even now.