The Fin.K.L fan community on Instagram recently posted a video Lee Hyori shared announcing a 5-year hiatus following the explosive success of Refund Sisters produced by “Jimi Yoo” of MBC‘s Hangout With Yoo.


In the video, Lee Hyori shared that she was on the final set of Refund Sisters and said farewell in a way that no one expected.

I’m on set as Cheon Ok right now, and today’s our final shoot. I’ll be back in 5 years. Please don’t forget me until then.

— Lee Hyori

| @finklgallery_official/Instagram

She went on to thank her fans for all the fans they showered her with during her activities through personas such as Linda. G and Cheon Ok.

Thank you for all your support during my activities as Linda. G and Cheon Ok. See you again in 5 years.

— Lee Hyori

| @finklgallery_official/Instagram

As an O.G. legend of the K-Pop industry, Lee Hyori made her return to the music scene through various personas on Hangout With Yoo where she proved to everyone that age is just a number.


The combination of her musical talent, as well as her comic relief, had fans demanding that she return to Seoul from Jejudo, so the sudden announcement devastated many.

| @finklgallery_official/Instagram

Some of the fans’ comments include “5 years is way too long“, “In 5 years???“, and “Can you change that to 5 months please?

| @finklgallery_official/Instagram

Well, whenever Lee Hyori decides to make her return, all fans will be ready to welcome her with open arms!