On the most recent episode of “Jung Jae Hyung, Lee Hyori’s You & I,” Lee Hyori mentioned boyfriend Lee Sang Soon briefly during her introduction of the night’s guest Lee Seung Ryul. Lee Hyori started out by saying, “I like guys with good voices. For example, I prefer low, deep voices in actors. Like Lee Byung Heon. It doesn’t matter how good looking one is, if he has too high-tone of voice, it’s a turn off for me.”

Upon Lee Hyori’s comment on men’s voices, Jung Jae Hyung asked her, “Between a really handsome guy like Jang Dong Gun with a high-pitched, whiny voice and someone who’s not good looking at all but has awesome sexy low voice, who would you choose?” Lee Hyori pondered for a little bit and answered, “If I have to choose between good looks and good voice, I’d go with good voice.”

She added, “The voice is so much more important than good looks. You know what my boyfriend looks like.” This love-filled banter set the table in a roar.